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Thread: 10Mbit/sec synchronous connection, avid uploader, seeking what and/or waffles invites

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    Hello everyone,

    I am a listener of some of the less available genres of music (industrial, noise, power noise, experimental noise, EBM, IBM) as well as a quality junkie. I have an above average amount of bandwidth to contribute and am looking for an invite to a suitable private tracker.

    I keep a ratio >3.0 on public trackers
    and a ratio >5.0 on private trackers (or did)
    for well seeded torrents and will seed poorly seeded torrents indefinitely.

    What I have to offer: (to a torrent community)

    SureWest residentail fiber 10Mbit/sec synchronous connection (only used for anything else I am at my comp).

    Linux based server with >700GB storage running (properly configured) Azureus client 24/7

    What I'm looking for:

    I am an ex-OiNker looking for an invite to another extensive music tracker. The ones that I have heard of are:

    If anyone has an invite for either of these sites or a recommendation and/or invite for another site where I can find what I'm looking for please let me know.

    Thanks in advance,

    - IgnisFatuus
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    "I'm sorry sir, but your ID:10-T error appears to be caused by a PEBKAC issue. There's nothing I can do for you."

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    PM me your email buddy

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    in your pants
    might be interested in Vipv2 as well. pm me if interested

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    i can invite you to all music sites you can imagine.
    pm me an email
    ps: it's for free
    just do giveaways and help who deserves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giveaway View Post
    i can invite you to all music sites you can imagine.
    pm me an email
    ps: it's for free
    That's a nice offer, can you invite me to Ex*** please

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    i have invite .. but now disable

    when invite open i can invite you


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