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Thread: Just A Wee Word Re Riaa

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    hope this hasn't been posted already
    i saw it on ircspy and thought it was pretty interesting:

    "READER MICHAELA STEPHENS says that if the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is right and that 60 million US folk are file sharing, it's going to take the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) a mighty long time to get round to them all. She said: "I pulled out my calculator to see just how long it would take the RIAA to sue all 60 million P2P music file traders at a rate of 75 a day. 60,000,000/75 = 800,000 days to subpoena each person or 800,000 days/365 days in a year = 2191.78 years to subpoena each person".

    Michaela points out that it's unrealistic to suppose that the RIAA will have any money left in 2191 years, and she even wonders whether the trade association will exist then.

    Plus, she points out, given the rate of tech advancement, it's likely that we'll have moved on to many different types of music media in even a hundred years.

    She continues: " So let us consider more realistic numbers. The RIAA plans to sue thousands of file sharers. Working in increments of 5000: 5,000 people/75 subpoenas a day = 66 days How are they going to keep track of all these lawsuits going on? 10,000 people/75 subpoenas a day = 133 days or about 2/3 of a year.

    "Keep in mind suing 10,000 people is still only going to impact only one six thousandth (1/6000) of the file traders out there. And who is getting rich off of this? The lawyers. Betcha not a single musician will see a cent of this money.

    "15,000 people/75 subpoenas a day = 200 days (1 out of every 4000 affected) 20,000 people/75 subpoenas a day = 266.6 days (1 out of every 3000 affected)

    "When might this actually start affecting us? When 1 out of every 10 is affected? That would mean they'd have to sue six million people. That would take,...(6,000,000/75 = 80,000)... 80,000 days.. or 219 years! They'd have to sue our great grand children!"
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    Yeah I read that article and thought it was kinda funny maybe I should warn my children and my sisters kids to let there children know they might get sued in the future. I think i didnt go far enough in the family tree but you get the point...

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    yeah but if the riaa targets the users with the MOST files rather then waste time on the leeches then there won&#39;t be any files to really go around.

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    Originally posted by Renegade720@31 July 2003 - 05:02
    yeah but if the riaa targets the users with the MOST files rather then waste time on the leeches then there won&#39;t be any files to really go around.
    It will still take them a mighty long;s another thing......right after napster was gone kazaa came.....or well.....right after kazaa goes......something else comes&#33; Its a never ending cycle&#33; wooho&#33;

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    It&#39;s a scare campaign, if they nail some down, then it stands to reason that others will flee.

    Write a letter, complain to your officials, join EFF
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