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Thread: Concern

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    okay so everyone keeps talking about the RIAA and that there fining college students thousands of dollars n all that kinda stuff

    those with some knowledge on this really something verybad happening in the p2p world...i mean is it serious....the odds of being on their list ????

    met this guy...hez stopped sharin coz of the RIAA..
    me jus a bit worried...

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    the riaa aren't gonna target you unless you are uploading a very, very large amount of data a day (gigs per day)
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    I&#39;d bet it&#39;ll be a very, very long time before anyone who uses the privacy patch gets sued. They&#39;d usually only be able to find one song you have, (maybe up to 10 if they get real lucky on searches), and there&#39;s no reason to sue a guy over one song when others openly have hundreds.


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