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Thread: True Or False

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    True or False?

    Leaving your computer on 24/7 is actually good for your computer not bad.
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    I don't think its true or false. Starting ur computer up and shutting it down probably doesn't harm your computer (the power supply takes a bit more strain) , leaving it running just means that the computer is used more. Everything has a lifetime measured in hours of use and so running it continuously probably is eating into the parts lifetime, (especially mechanical parts like fan ball bearings). Either way its probably not going to make much difference.
    If ur computer is doing stuff (eg downloading) when u leave it 24/7 then fine, otherwise why not switch it off as its just a very inefficient and noisy heater. (plus u waste energy)

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    i'd say TRUE

    think about it this way...

    when your computer is turned off, the internal components (most importantly the cpu) will be at room temperature (approx 20-25 degrees celsius)

    as soon as you turn on the computer, the temperatures will soar (e.g. my cpu goes from approx 21 degrees to 40 degrees in 3 minutes)

    this sharp increase in temperature will cause internal components to expand and is one of the major causes of hardware malfunctions.

    the exact same happens when you turn off the computer. the components will cool massively in a short period of time. this leads to contraction and more stress.

    of course, you need to weigh this up against the extra stress of leaving the computer on all the time.

    i try to leave mine on as much as possible though
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    i would say it better to leave it on.

    wen usin high end audio equipment, upon purchase you are advised to leave your system on in order for the circuits to stay at same level and no fluctuations (sumone just mentioned this before)

    systems run at an ideal temp so surely keepin it at that temp is better.

    could compare it to a car engine, runs far better wen warmed up to appropriate temp.

    damage could be done wen cool as parts are movin at incorrect sizes

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    IMO I say off as much as possible.

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    my laptop is pretty much on 100% as anything that gets downloaded get transfered to it overnight, as ii only use my laptop, then when im going to bed i move stuff that downloading from the other computer onto this, as it doesnt make any noise

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    whats your reasoning?

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    it&#39;ll last ages if u leave it off all the time

    btw what movin parts??
    Tho 3rd gen probably has a point about thermal shocks, I still vote switch it off when u aren&#39;t using it for a long while (like overnight). It might be bad to switch it on and off repeatedly, but 1x a day isn&#39;t gonna hurt it.

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    3rd Gen is spot on, IMO.
    I think mine has been on continuously for about 18 months (yes, I&#39;ve done reboots, but not actually switched off) with the exception of vacations and one upgrade. In that time, the only thing to go wrong was the cpu fan got a little noisy, so I replaced the cooler for a higher spec one (about 10) which is the upgrade i mentioned.

    Anyway, overnight is when I do most downloads so that I&#39;m not tying up as much bandwidth during waking hours.
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    As one who is in the electronics repair business I can truly state that there is no wear and tear on components(solid state) when powering on and off.

    Wear and tear is more likely to happen on electro-mechanical and mechanical components though(e.g. motors, switches, relays).

    To power off or not is and will always be debatable as the answers are truly unknown. Electrical components fail and not many of us can truly understand why.
    Although, I can say that non-use is more detrimental on components. Witness standard batteries(similar to capacitors, an all to common component), They dry out, the electrolytes leak, etc. So allowing current to flow through them actually helps.

    IMO, powering off is a good thing, especially your monitor, as this conserves energy. And, it never hurts to reload the O/S. (A nice fresh start)

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