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Thread: VSO and MKV

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    Just a late night post regarding xtodvd and mkv files.

    Now I have some fantastically converted mkv's here and of course now and again I need to convert them back to DVD format.

    I have started noticing a seriously annoying audio-video sync issue recently - I say recently but in truth just with some recent mkv files I suppose.

    Anyone have any history or feedback on mkv to dvd with vsoxtodvd issues or suggestions.

    I have considered trying DVDFlick to see if it is a VSO issue but I don't like not being able to have the background options with it for home videos.

    So a pretty open query I know, but any feedback much appreciated.

    EDIT : I just found out that both DVDFlick and VSOconvertxtodvd seem to have audio sync issues with mkv files so I guess this is kind of resolved unless anyone happens to know any software that CAN convert mkv to dvd reliably. Oh and the beta release of DVDFlick does allow menu additions now. Cheers.
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    Its funny I had never heard of this file extension until a few weeks ago , but there is a post about it if that helps ?

    Lnk :

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    Thanks peat moss, nice bit of reading there.

    I have now tried VSOconvertxtodvd, DVDFlick, and AVI2ISO and nothing seems to be able to convert mkv in a simple one stage process without some sort of problem.

    Appzalien in that topic you linked to sums up my own feelings exactly with regards these annoying mkv files. I honestly for the life of me cannot think why anybody would want to use this container system given all the hassles it involves.

    Its a real shame to be honest but I have totally hit a brick wall with regards mkv files and faffing about extracting video and audio tracks separately, then muxing them and finally converting them is beyond a chore.

    Not impressed at all.

    EDIT : Just popped back over to the AVI2ISO forums to give some more feedback to Delta and low and behold he has done some tests and fixed the problem by the looks of it. So anyone looking for mkv conversion software might want to pop over there and say thanks to him for a lovely bit of software.
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    if you are a member at HDbits you no MKV. format well. and its still a pain in the rear.

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    going from mkv to dvd is just dumb, im sorry to say that man but it is. if you really want to fix this problem i recommend going to your win32 folder and finding all of your codecs (they probably have the extension .ax if i recall correctly) now, because theyre in the win32 folder you cant delete them, well, you can but its a bad idea. to disable codecs just put a "_" at the end of the file name (e.g. > do this for all of your codecs until you find the right combination that your sync issues stop. this happens because a lot of codecs fuck with each other, i used to encounter these problems all the time when i was a little fucking windows movie maker fanboy o:] lol

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    Well thanks for the replies, but as per my edited last post AVI2ISO fixes this flawlessly so cheers.

    As for the codecs issue, I kind of understand what you mean but the official DVDFlick site actually comments on this problem :

    "Known issues
    - Most mkv files have a nasty audio desynchronization."

    I also don't really understand the "going from mkv to dvd is just dumb" comment to be honest. If the source file is only available in an mkv container then it hardly seems "dumb" trying to convert it to something that can be played on a living room player.

    Cheers though folks.


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