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Thread: Film Splitting

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    i have some large video files that havent been encoded yet and are to big to go on to 80 min discs. any suggestions on how to split them?

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    Damn, I see about three spilting topics in this forum evey week Why's it so hard to use search? Go to and go to the cut/join/edit section. If they are avi,mpeg etc use virtual dub their is a easy guide on how to do it on their. Next time use search!

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    virtual dub will split any avi file as long as you have the correct codecs installed..
    M2-edit will split most mpg files...for the few files i have found it wont split i have used MPEG2Cut-1.15...
    and to split both mpg and avi files i have used Easy Video Splitter...
    my choice would be to use Easy Video Splitter..its easy to setup and work with..
    but all 4 programs work fine..

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    tnx randm01 will try


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