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Thread: a giveaway to the poor

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    Xnt city

    some invites given, but now giveaway cancelled, I have my reason..
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    man i very need one invite for The DvD Club

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    can I have softmp3 invite?

    as your topic describes, I AM the poor just with good show me some mercy

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    nice giveaway
    but your title of the theard is arrogant
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    Here is my sppedtest

    Would love to get a libble invite. Well, the speed test result is pretty lousy but we are lucky just even to have any connection here in a starving 3rd world country. :-) Your charity would be very much appreciated! :-)

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    I already got a TL invite, thank you anyways!

    Hi AnesZverotic,

    I would be interested in your TL invite. Why? I heard that they have great 0day applications, I am searching right now for something I can't find for over 1 month and a half now (Dundas Charts v6.0) for a project i'm working on. If I don't find this one on TL, I'm sure I can find something similar of the same value I can use. And not just this application, but I'm sure this is where I can find all the applications I want and very fast (they have some great pres). I'm very interested in this tracker, if you search for my post you will see that I have applied many times for TL, but others were luckier than me! I hope my luck changes this time.

    I saw that you don't require ratio posts, if you need I will put some.

    All the best! Thank you very much!
    Last edited by BluRossonero; 02-10-2008 at 02:01 PM. Reason: already got that invite

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnesZverotic View Post
    I felt a bit bored so I'm making a giveaway for all of you here

    Same rules as usual, No traders! at all.good

    Post 1 speedtest, direct link to and a GOOD reason why I should invite you. thats all.
    and traders stay away from the topic!

    The invites I intend to give is the following..

    [1] TL invite
    [2] The DvD Club invites
    [2] Scc invites
    [1] SoftMp3 invite
    [1] Piratebits invite
    [1] Libble invite
    [5] Bit-Hdtv invites
    [1] Bitgamer Invite
    [2] Nintendotorrents invites

    Thats it for today, I hope thats enough

    Go grab E'm!

    no traders....
    great giveaway men...i would like a PirateBits invite...but i do not know what to answer to the invite questions down there

    if you could help me it would be very nice...

    Here are my screenshots:
    xTreme ZoNe:

    Here are a few speed tests: - Bucharest, Romania - Munich, Germany - New York, USA
    In a world of joy all things should remain free...even invite

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    Looking to get either SCC or TL

    3 Proofs:

    Good reason: So that I may return the favor someday... maybe to you... maybe to someone else...

    Last edited by bugsaif; 02-06-2008 at 04:27 PM. Reason: updated with proofs

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    TL invite :
    C'est un tracker qui propose tout genre de fichier mais qui a la particularité d'être bien plus actif que les autres et cela dans tous les domaine! On peut le comparer a RevTT mais en bien mieux! Il possède ce que je recherche (XBOX360/PS2/DVD/MUSIC) en grand nombre et avant les autres!
    C'est un tracker qu'il faut pour tout qui veulent de la qualité!
    It is a tracker, which offers any type of file but has the distinction of being much more active than others and this in every field! It may be compared RevTT but in a much better! He has what I am looking for (XBOX360/PS2/DVD/MUSIC) in large numbers and before the other!
    It is a tracker of the need for all who want quality!

    Plusieurs milliers de DVD de ce que j'ai entendu dire, mais pas que les dernières nouveautés, il y a de l'ancien ce qui fait la différence avec les autres trackers spécialisé dans le DVD!
    Several thousand DVD from what I have heard, but not as the latest news, there are the old what makes the difference with other trackers specializes in DVD!

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    bikernin's Avatar KatanaLover BT Rep: +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30
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    damn i came in here thinking i would get some money even had my paypal account ready

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