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Thread: nfo details

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    Hello folks,

    I have recently been looking about to find some information regarding mkv file types.

    It seems a lot of tv posts in the NZB section here seem to come as an mkv file when unpacked.

    Now that is fine if I wanted to watch a repeat of a tv show on my pc, but I am experiencing some real issues with converting mkv's to dvd for those shows the gf wants to watch in the main living room.

    I have checked out the DVDFLick forums and there is a noted issue regarding audio sync discrepancies for "almost all mkv" files.

    The same seems to be the case with VSO's convertxtodvd software.

    Is there any way, prior to downloading a show to find out what format the final file will be in?

    I might be missing something obvious here but in most of the nfo's I have seen there is no information about this.

    Many thanks.

    EDIT : Thinking about it I suppose that it is the x264 files that come as mkv files. Kind of missed that !
    Unfortunatley, that still leaves the sync issue when converting though. Anybody know what the downside of (other than taking a bloody long time) of taking the mkv file, converting it to avi with AlltoAvi and then converting to dvd. Its the only way I can think of getting around this so hopefully someone out there has a better idea. Cheers.
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    take a look here
    this site is the best as it has helped me a lot of times when encountering the problem of converting downloaded videos

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    The site that katsika gave you is a great resource. I just posted a tutorial w/ screenshots here on FST for your convenience as well:

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    mkv is the standard container for x264 encoded video. dont bother download the mkv versions because when you convert them to DVD (.vob)m they will loose all of their HD quality. go for the standard def shows packaged in the .avi container.

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    Many thanks for all the replies and links there folks, it is much appreciated.

    The problem is though that I do not have a problem actually converting the mkv's, it is the audio-sync problems that seem to be inherent with FlickDVD and convertxtodvd.

    The DVDFlick site has included this as a known issue.

    That link you provided katsika mentions FAVC which seems to have had an update on 12th Jan 2008 so I might see if that helps in some way. Then again it does not include mkv's in it's supported file formats so I might see the sync issue still.

    I am not sure why these conversion issues occur with mkv's as it is not the case with every single one, but it does seem to be a common bug report for VSO and DVDFlick.

    lukee your comment has me intrigued. I am not sure if I have this totally correct, but are you saying that if I took a downloaded mkv version of a HD tv show and converted to dvd it would be of lower quality than an avi download in standard definition of the same show?


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