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Thread: Questions About Editing Mp3 Files

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    I have been looking through this forum for about an Hour or so now trying to find some sort of application that will fill in the missing information on my mp3 files...I have come to the conclution that All Music Guide is the Best site to find the Info for the tracks but I don't want to take the time to Manually enter all of the Tag information. Is there software that will do this for me? or does anyone know how to write a program that will incorporate the search engine of All music into a program that will search all of your song Titles and then allow you to choose the correct Album and such from the search results on All music Guide and have that automated into the ID3 tag? I could have missed it somewhere on here but I am pretty sure there isn't it doesn't seem to hard in theory yet I do not know how to program that well at all. This could help some of the fake file download problems people have

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    Tag&Rename available @

    you'll find it on KaZaA np :pirate:

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    I second Tag and Rename, best one out there if you have a little bit of time.
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    I have used Tag and rename to organize my file&#39;s and yes it took some time... It doesn&#39;t seem like it would be hard to program some software and I have done some limited program work in school with visual basic I just do not know how to incorporate a web site and use some sort of a standard form that it can read into that......My question remains the same? Is there an easy way or do I need to take the time to program it myself and save everyone from the horrors of renamed Id3 tags of the P2P network.

    -Dr. Bips

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    like the guys already said, Tag&Rename does exactly what you are asking.

    Once you have the correct files from an album, you can use Tag&Rename to tag them using either or the freedb database. Very simple, and very quick once you get the hang of it. you can tag a whole album in under a minute, with artwork incorporated, if you know what you are doing.

    like so (using

    or using the CDDB thing

    edit* i just noticed you said you used it previously, but then you go on to say about incorporating a website (such as, Tag&Rename has used for as long as i can remember, so either you didn&#39;t use the program very well, or you used a very early version.

    Get it again, read the intructions, and you can re-tag your collection real fast.

    Version 3 is better in my opinion, but its a release candidate just now, and as such if you are gonna be naughty and not pay for it it&#39;ll be harder to find for this version.

    Taken from

    Tag&Rename is a powerful, easy-to-use program for organizing and archiving your library of music files. Its solid design handles both the .mp3 and .vqf music formats. With Tag&Rename, you can quickly and easily rename your music while also editing the embedded tag data used by popular music players - both ID3 and ID3 v2 formats. Tag&Rename makes it easy to edit existing tag information, update for new tagging standards, or write tags for music files which had no previously embedded tags (e.g. bootlegs). Tag&Rename simplifies the boring and time-consuming task of updating tag information for your music by allowing you to quickly get information from the CDDB1 database or site. It can also write or edit tag information based on your music libraries file structure (artist&#092;album&#092;title.mp3 for example). Often many files can be processed with a few clicks using Tag&Rename&#39;s built-in automated features.

    This program is also very useful for creating playlists - with features like recursive subfolders support and unique file listing. The versatility of Tag&Rename makes it easy for anyone to harness the power of it&#39;s features, while also being highly configurable for the advanced user. In addition, we have provided clearly written help files that will answer any questions you might have as well as descriptions of built-in commands to speed up your understanding and use of the program.

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    ok...don&#39;t shout at me if this is an obvious question...

    is it possible to use tag & rename to properly name tracks which i have ripped to my comp that have no names currently?

    i no longer have the cd&#39;s i ripped them from, mostly older albums

    any replies would be great, thanks
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    Windows Media Player 9 (WMP9) has a built in Tag changer. Theres a feature that adds Tag Info by itself after you download the file.

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    yes, it has a rename function, the simplest way is to tag the files using either the cddb/freedb database or (using the program of course - not manually), then you can rename the files using the info from the tags. for example in the rename field you could have %6 - %1 - %2 which would take the information from the tags and create Track# - Artist - Title of Track. That might sound confusing, but once you spend half an hour reading the help file and getting to know the program, it&#39;s very simple.

    once i had re-tagged and re-named my entire collection to

    Artist - Track - Title

    i decided i didn&#39;t like it, and was able to re-arrange my entire collection to

    Track - Artist - Title

    in a very short time.

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    thanks for the quick replies chaps

    i&#39;ll go and read the help file...

    you know it&#39;s funny how frustrated some newbies make me feel....but now i know what they feel like asking what are apparently easy questions

    i must take the advice i often give out and go do some reading...
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    Due to the Long File Name errors one might get with Nero etc.
    as burning backups of Your Collection,
    I have chosen

    Track - Title on the filename,
    Artist - Year - Album on foldername plus
    one folder with Artistname holding all the albums.

    T&R for Tags, OrangeCD for organizing what you have in and out of PC,
    SoulSeek to get the Albums.

    WMP is used only listening, or Winamp.
    WMP gets the Info from the net, but your Album Pics are sort of Hidden Files on
    your HD,
    I like T&R better as one can DL the Album cover at the same time as Tagging.
    Covers comes handy when making a Database with Orange.

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