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Thread: Sites comparable to Cinematik, Karagarga...

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    Can anyone name other torrent sites that are comparable, in content and variety, to Cinematik and Karagarga? Both sites offer movies that would fall under the banners of "obscure," "rare," and "unavailable." What's cool about both, particularly Karagarga, is the occasional laserdisc or TV rip of something that's absent on every other format.

    So far, I've found Cinema-Obscura, The-Horror-Charnel, Cinemageddon, and AsianDVDClub. I'm looking for similar specialty sites, particularly those in other languages (e.g., is there a French equivalent to Cinematik?) -- which would increase the likelihood of finding stuff I can't find at these other sites.

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    Mentioned trackers contains mainly artistic movie material.

    Movies that aren't consider "Hollywood" as we all know what Hollywood offers today (where "we" are owners of account outhere ).

    I think there are no others "specialized" torrent trackers who offer similar content like Karagarga, Cinematik, Cinema-Obscura, AsianDVD Club...

    Also, if one isn't into movies that are artistic (pure art...) my suggestion is - don't even bother to get one of them.

    P.S. Similar comparison like Pedro's BT Music. Don't bother to get invite if you are into MTV production music...
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    Heard that Tracker 3 is good.. Haven't used it myself though..

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    Yeah, I've downloaded a few things from Tracker 3 -- it's pretty decent. I've actually found one or two rips that are superior to their counterparts at Karagarga.

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    Find a movie you think you might like and then search

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    Goem is good for old movie content....But not comparable to KG!!!

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    585 can be added to the list as well...has a lot of rare movies

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    I agree lubu : DVDQuorum is also very good

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    Cinemageddon and Zamunda have pretty good content. You can also try TTI, Pisexy, Tophos...

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    i thinks it is good tracker for old movies (not too old )

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