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Thread: John Leslie Cleared

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    If it's a case these accusations are a pile of rubbish , is John Leslie not due a huge apology from a lot of people? most notably his employers and the metropolitian police

    Is it just me or are there more and more seemingly spurious accusations flying around lately of assaults which aren't reported until the evidence is long since unprovable, and therefore justice comes in the form of trial by media?

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    They can't prove anything because that is the nature of rape cases.
    Especially rapes that happened a long time ago.
    It's not worth the DPP's effort coz he would walk anyway.
    No smoke without fire imo.

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    Originally posted by chalice@31 July 2003 - 09:54
    No smoke without fire imo.
    There it is.
    The corner stone of the British legal system, eh?
    The best and cleanest legal system in the world.

    IMO if these women were so badly treated why do they wait till there is no possible way to prove anything.
    Suspect if you ask me

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    This should not have been in the public eye in the first place.

    How is his life going to be now ?

    All charges dropped and now the reasons will unfold.

    I reckon she bottled it !! money grabbing tart.

    If thats the case SHE needs locking up.

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    i guess Ulrika made those accusations cos she needed her last bit of attention before she becomes a d-list celebrity.


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