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Thread: For Those Who Use Peer Guardian

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    i thought i'd bring up an interesting point for anyone who cares. if you have updated your ranges one of them is "tipping point" which is a tech software development whatever. but anyways, some sites are blocked and tippingpoint comes up as the reason. i did a net trace and it turns out tippingpoint is owned or in partnership to time warner. which is connected to many things, such as the mpaa and riaa, etc. also, another interesting point. is that tippingpoint also comes up when you visit easyjournal, which most people know as an online journal. hmmm, an online journal where deep personal thoughts can be put down...information that would be useful for time warner to produce more of anything that people would be interested in. just an interesting point of view

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    yeah, thanks, well i think i wont be updating it now lol. If you can could u get a screen print up of the net trace you did?

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    sure i'll get that asap, h/o

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    not to burst your bubble but tipping point is a time warner telecom customer
    OrgName: Time Warner Telecom

    (Welcome to Time Warner Telecom.
    We are the leading provider of metro-area broadband optical networks and services to businesses. We deliver "last-mile" broadband data, voice, Dedicated Internet Access, and Dedicated Web Hosting in 44 major U.S. markets. Our strong financial position allows us to deliver powerful networks, robust products, and superior customer care to meet your needs. )

    and tipping point's main focus is offering network admins the ability to block file sharing (stopping employees etc from using p2p) so while i wouldn't necessarily remove tippingpoint from the peerguardian database it does not appear to be a company that tracks down p2p users (employees of companies that use tipping point can't do much do stop the block unless they want to sabotage it)

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    yeah that's what i figured out. this regards not so much p2p but rather people who use the online journal service, Easyjournal. when you attempto to goto Easyjournal with this IP in your ranges list, it blocks the site from opening. Thus meaning that Easyjournal in some way is in affiliation or even ownership of Time Warner Telecom. But why is that even a concern or big deal? Because people post private and deep thoughts on these online journal services. Easyjournal happens to be one of the biggest if not the largest and most popular of them all. Time Warner could easily use information that people type down about themselves to make new media, movies, music, etc etc to get their attention. I cannot be 100% certain on that theory alone, but I know Easyjournal is in some way linked with Time Warner because the IP range is for the same for all three companies. Bottom line...NO PRIVACY


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