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Thread: How to play .mkv files and burn them to DVD

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    What is a .mkv file?

    MKV means "matroska video" and it is a "extensible open standard Audio/Video container" (AVI is a container, too!). This file format combines several videostreams, audiostreams, subtitles, chapters and information in only one file. It supports new standards like 6-channel AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) audio or x264 video.

    How to play .mkv files on your PC

    First download the Community Codec Pack which can be found here:

    To watch these files you need just GOM player or VLC media player (no support for 6ch AAC at the moment, plays it as 2ch). If you want to use Media Player Classic you need some addons: ffdshow decoder + Haali MediaSplitter + AC3filter + VSfilter.

    Check for the settings in Media Player Classic (menu - "View" -> "Options"):

    How to burn .mkv files to DVD (using the program VSO ConvertXtoDVD)

    If you haven't installed it already, then do so. After Installation check for the settings! Menu - "Settings" -> "General".

    "Working Folder" -> Folder with resulting dvd structure files!

    Go through all tabs. Most of the settings are selfexplaining. An important tab is "TV Format"! Set "Video Standard" for your region. "TV Screen" have to be set to "Automatic".

    ConvertXToDVD don't support internal subtitle files within .mkv. You need to download the subtitle for your movie from the external subtitle collection (Check below) and put it in the same folder as the .mkv movie file.

    Next step: Adding .mkv files with clicking on the green "+":

    Check for the subtitles. There should be the entry "1 Subtitle Stream - 0 internal, 1 external". If you double click the movie you get a video preview window.

    You are ready to "Convert". You can burn the files using Nero 7.7 and "DVD Video" profile.

    External Subtitle Collection

    Subtitles are included in the .mkv container files of the movies. But there are some players which do not support this. Only use this link if you have problems with the subtitles!

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    They also play on VLC without installing or setting anything.

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    Great tutorial helped me a lot!

    "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit."

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    thanks for tutorial

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    Thanks for this tutorial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quarter View Post
    Great tutorial helped me a lot!
    +1 because i have another way but this it's easy

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    I was having some problems with that
    It's a great tutorial
    thanks for the help

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    Great tutorial it works

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    Great Tutorial! Thx!

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