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Thread: Movie And Screensaver Maker

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    i am looking for software that can "jazz" up my videos, like add watermarks (for web publishing) and just add loads of effects also let me edit the size and cut parts out.

    must surport .avi .mov .mpg well as many as possible

    Also i am looking for a top of the range screensaver maker.

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    Adobe's Premiere is the best for movie editing. 6.5 comes with an MPEG2 encoder. Also there are a lot of plug-ins which allow you to do neat effects - like create a 'fire scene' (with Boris Fire plugin) - or an old movie effect (with Cinelook plugin).

    If you combine it with After Effect 5.5 (Production Bundle is the preferred) you can do further 'enhancements' - plugins like Deleriums let you create widescreen effects etc.

    The list goes on!!

    If you're really adventurous you can use 3DStudio Max to create some 3D scenes in your movie. AfterEffects will bring in both the edited live footage and 3DMax files and you can overlay and combine. Totally cool!!

    As per screen savers - I'm not sure. I use 3DMax to create screen savers - but it isn't a 'quicky' program - and its quite large. Still - I'm not very familiar with it and could crank out some nifty effects quite quickly. A good book helps of course.

    Good luck



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