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Thread: Emule - Which Speed Is Correct

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    Which Is The Speed? The One Outside or Inside The Brackets?

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    16.2 , the other is the overhead. Get a better idea by installing DU meter or Net Limiter

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    ok cheers balamm

    wow thats the fastest ive ever got on emule then

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    You probably don't have the settings right for your network. I quite often get up to 200kB/s but it's usually 8 - 80kB/s

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    How Do I Get The Correct Settings?

    Im Using eMule Plus v1g


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    Just go to Preferences, select Connections and select your connection speed from the drop down menu.

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    Lol is that it. i thought it would involve mega tweaking and stuff

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    What's the difference between eMule and eMule Plus? I've had both before (still use eMule), but I couldn't find out the differences about from a disco-style website

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    the speed on the lefthand side is the actual speed, and the other speed shown in the () is the average datarate. You can turn it off in 1g by going to preferences, general, then unticking the "show average datarate and smoothed remaining time".

    The normal settings from the drop down arent always the best settings to use. You will need to take into account your OS, speed connections, and basic preferences.
    When I started i got 5KB, but now i can get 65 out of 75 possible speed (cant reach full speed as overhead is generated).

    Only real difference between emule and the plus version is that the plus has more features and works slightly different to the emule version. Im not certain if the emule version uses ZZ'z upload system. This is where one user will get a large speed from the upload while the others get trickle slots which take up about less than 1KB. This is to get out parts quickly so they can be distributed quicker through the network.

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    What Would Be My Best Settings In Your Opinion.
    I Have XP Home, ADSL 576 Down 256 Up
    Any Help Would Be Apreciatted

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