Emscher P2P is an new filesharing client for anonymous file sharing. It uses a new protocol featuring data encryption and indirect routing(The data will not be transfered directly between two clients, it will be redirected through several Emscher-Hubs)

It uses a protocoll similar to Gnutella. The communication between two Clients is AES(Rijndael) encrypted. While exchanging the AES-Key between two Clients the connection will be RSA-Encrypted.

In this release many core bugs has been fixed(like writing wrong file data, using a wrong emscheraddress/corrupted header id etc). Then the id-generator has been improved to make the ids more unique. Also the home page has been removed.
Changes Emscher 0.5b:
ADD: Files will be checked if they have finished
ADD: Finished files will be moved to the Incoming dir
ADD: "Checkfile"-Menu on the Transfer-Page
ADD: Page for internal settings on the Settings-Page
ADD: Network settings has been put on a seperate page on the Settings-Page
ADD: Anti-Searchrepeatition-Algorithm (For Example if a search for "linux" is
incoming and later the same search(Same id) is incomming, it will not be resend)
ADD: If an Emscher-Signal does not begin with "ENP", this error will be logged
ADD: Ratings and Metadata pages on the Fileinfo-Dialog
ADD: Transfer-Page: Toolbar added
ADD: Date/Time will be logged into the logfile
ADD: Debuglog for core code
ADD: Showing Metadata/Ratings on the search-page
ADD: File Rating System
ADD: In some procedures some dlog()-calls. That one is for writing debug information to a special file
ADD: If no valid lang file has been specified, built in defaults(taken from english.elg) will be used.
ADD: Queues has been added to the Hashing- and the WebCache-Thread
ADD: Copyfile-Thread for copying finished files
CHANGE: New tick-calculating algorithm(Based on QueryPerformanceCounter)CHANGE: Include and Exclude Filters replaced by just one Filter-Field now
CHANGE: You need not to type in a Port value for "Type in IP-Address" on the
transfer page anymore
CHANGE: Logfiles have the name "yyyymmdd-hhmmss.log"
CHANGE: Transfer-Page: TListView replaced through TVirtualStringTree
CHANGE: Emscher-Link format
CHANGE: Tick-calculating
CHANGE: New ID-Generator using a sha1 sum of Time, Drive-C-Serial, CPU-Data, Proces-id and Tickcount now
CHANGE: Emscher-Address length increased from 12 Bytes to 21 Bytes(20-> Sha1 sum from the id-Generator + 1 Byte network id)
CHANGE: Files opened in Emscher are accessable for reading by other programs now
CHANGE: Chunks in the Progress-Column are shown correctly in relation to the filesize now
BUGFIX: If the Directory for the logfiles does not exists, the program will crash
with an error message
BUGFIX: TEmscherFiles.ReadChunkFromFile always read a chunk from file regardless of upload or download
BUGFIX: In TEmscher.ProcessSignal: Wrong offset for reading the binary data of a block from a signal was used
BUGFIX: Emscher-Hublist-Links were not processed correctly
BUGFIX: TEmscherConnections.MaxConnectionsReached() did not work correctly
BUGFIX: The Connector used a wrong Emscher Address in a Hub2Hub-Connection
BUGFIX: Crash while loading chunkhashes
BUGFIX: Files left and Next file to hash will be shown correctly now
BUGFIX: The ID of a signal has not been transferred correctly
REMOVE: Home-Page

Emscher v0.5.1b changelog: :
BUGFIX: Error while processing emscher-links
BUGFIX: The Webcache-Thread hang when asking for caches
BUGFIX: Error Messages like "Peer already exists" had been written to the peer list

And some other things i maybe forgot to list


It needs aUDP Port 10984 !