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Thread: 4 invites for extremezone

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    I had the oportunity to join xtremezone in the past thanks to a member from this forum. now I back onto this community to share 4 invites. just post here why you want it... then I will ask you to send the e-mail.

    one invite to kareemgona... 3 invites left

    good luck
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    Hey man , Well I really would like to have an invite to xtremezone , I don't trade and I don't cheat , I also keep good ratios . I'd like to have it because It seems to be a good tracker with a decent content which I really need right now . so will be glad to be a member of it . thnx in advance . Bye
    Fuck Me ... I'm Famous Please don't Pm me for any sort of invites . Thanks


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