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Thread: Kazaa Lite Killed Kazaa

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    No one shares files these days and now that you can pretend to be participating it is stupid.

    I really hope that there is someway to do what direct connect has done and make it so you have to share files to download (like a ratio).

    It really annoys me that i share all my files and then when i try and download there is hardly any good sources to download the file off...

    I get download speeds of 0.86 and i'm on 1 m/bit. I find kazaa easier to use then direct connect, and i just thought i'd let all the non sharers aout there that they are killing kazaa

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    Why u blaming us kliters, i think if u read the rest of the forum you'll find that quite a lot of people here think we're the only ones sharing because klite offers some protection from the riaa. The participation levle thing kazaa introduced was just about the stupidest implementation of a good idea i've ever seen

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    a built in firewall isn't good enough, there is a lot more to it. everytime you download, you take the risk. although the risk is low if you use something like peerguardian nothing is truly safe anymore

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    Kazaa killed itself with all the adware.. our users share so many more files that regular kazaa users. just check out the verified forums.
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    Isn&#39;t the claim like saying that the people killed the butlering profession by clearing the shit out ourselves?

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    kazaa is crap they have filled it with spyware and adware but kazaa lite users are bound to share bacause you can turn off the feature were other users get a list off you files and block bad ip ranges such as the riaa

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    Originally posted by Illuminati@31 July 2003 - 17:59
    Isn&#39;t the claim like saying that the people killed the butlering profession by clearing the shit out ourselves?

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    Of course Kazaa Lite killed Kazaa by removing all the spyware and all the extra features added to K-Lite.

    But I&#39;m guessing that you mean leechers will kill the FastTrack network. Of course leechers will kill the whole netowrk, but do you think that Kazaa is the only P2P program that has leechers? Look at BitTorrent. When I first used it there weren&#39;t many people that heard of the program, but look at it now&#33; The only way you share on BT is when you download the file. But people need seeders to download a file. Do lots of people choose to seed the files? When someone asks for a seeder, do the people who finished downloading the files listen?

    If my theory is right, then the population of file sharers are far greater than the population of leechers. Sure, there&#39;s lots of leechers, but aren&#39;t there a lot of sharers too?

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    people have their reasons for not sharing whether it&#39;s a cap on their pipes or they just think they are way to cool to share

    kind&#39;s of kills the idea of a shared network but oh well...every basket is gonna have some bad apples.

    what i like to do is not micro manage them but spam them with messages (only when i&#39;m actually on the computer), if they turn off their messages than i just hit cancel upload till they go pipe isn&#39;t all that and i like to give it to someone who is shareiing at least 1 file

    i agree with spmaskell, most supreme beings d/l from me don&#39;t share...and they have k-lite or something similar (that&#39;s how i found this nice forum). yes, yes i&#39;m still using Kazaa

    my advice spmaskell, is just go with the flow...hater&#39;s suck, take a deep breath...uhm it&#39;s no big deal....chill.....smoke a fatty....smoke 2 fatty&#39;s....

    btw spmaskell, non sharers used to be alot worse...good ol hotline

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