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Thread: list your favourite HD release group

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    could you guys rank the quality of the HD movies released by the different groups. occasionally movies are released by multiple groups and it'd be nice to know which to go for. i've heard good things about ESiR but i'd like to hear your opinions about the rest of them.

    downloading both and testing isn't a good option for me because currently my PC's only hooked up to a 19" screen. somewhere along this year i'm getting myself a 50" TV so i'm buffing up my HD storage for now.

    some of the release groups:
    hV - scene
    CtrlHD - non-scene
    ESiR - non-scene
    ill - non-scene
    hV - scene
    SEPTiC - scene
    CDDHD - scene
    REVEiLLE - scene
    SZ - ?????
    chakra - ?????
    sinners - ?????
    NiX - ?????
    PRiDE - ?????

    thanks guys.
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    -NoGRP is the best HD releaser

    Most people agree that in the HD scene, your best bet is to use HDBits and download the often superior non-scene releases.

    User of the .torrent files

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    ctrlhd and esir. no others.

    Wishing for a FTN or SCC invite

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    o hai

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    well i would use HDBits if i could actually could get in but i've been unsuccessful for weeks. (subtle hint)

    right now i just use & scenehd while i continue my quest in vain

    anyway, keep it coming guys =)

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    CTU for TV, ESiR for movies.

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    only NsC !

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    NsC? i haven't come across that very often.

    also, if you've got problems with any of the specific release group feel free to share as well.

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    CTU and ESiR

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    Look for non-scene releases, particularly CtrlHD, Esir and iLL. Their encodes are generally better compared to scene encodes. (But there are exceptions.) The reason is that scene groups race who would release first, thus compromising picture quality. A good rip would take hours to complete.

    Among the scene groups, the decent ones (based on my experience) are those of hV and Reveille. CDDHD's rips are the worst, imo, followed by Septic. Try to avoid those ,if you can.

    P.S. I'm just expressing my opinion. So no offense to the scene groups I've mentioned. Take it as a challenge to do better. Good luck!

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