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Thread: Newspapers

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    Any trackers have them?

    I have a hard time finding english and french newspapers outside of emule (which is not ideal, since it's not instantly downloading).

    I would like to have something likes a RSS Feed to download both the New York Times and Le Monde...

    If you can help me with that, I'll reward you highly

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    Well, I meant scans of the actual papers.

    Both the New York Times and Le Monde are released by the scene, just can't find any trackers that distribute them.

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    I see....very specialized.

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    That might be hard to find. Never heard of anyone looking for scans of newspapers before.

    Wishing for a FTN or SCC invite

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    As far as scans go, The New York Times has the front page scanned on their homepage, but it's illegible, which is pretty useless.
    They also have the most of the newspaper digitized onto the internet, as you probably already know.

    The thing is, the only sources I can seem to find are the digitization projects which are primarily utilized for digitizing archives and not necessarily current papers as the articles are available all over the internet. What are you specifically using these papers for?

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    In a way, I use them as an archival of news. Sort of a rundown of what have happened in the world on any given day.

    So I can always check back on a news item of the week before if I've missed it otherwise. Or from last year in any case. I don't necessarely sit down and read them on the screen, but it's a rich source of information in general... and it don't take much space at all, even to archive full year of newspapers scans.

    On emule, the best site for this is Chinese and that is VERYCD... But they are not as good as they use to be at releasing daily papers on a daily basis... and anyway, the only english paper they had regularly was Chinese, so not quite proper news.

    Just would like one european + one american paper to archive. I don't really like our local newspapers here anyway.

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    I rarely read the paper anymore,
    I peruse google news, drudge, tmz, huffington post and my hometown rag.
    jus sayin


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