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Thread: Is There A Way To Split Iso Bin Cue

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    hi there,
    suppose i have splinter cell cd 2 and it is 700mb and my cd is only up to 650mb. This would mean that the cd2 would not fit.... is there a way to temporarily split the iso cue or whatever file it is into 2 peices and then have them like 350mb each so that u can stick them on 2 cds temporarily???

    and if u can... how do u join them again afterwards....


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    Nope this is not possible unless you extract the data in the iso, put it on two cds, then join it together, create an iso and burn it on a 700mb cd. I would suggest using a virtual drive such as daemon tools, that way you don&#39;t have to burn it onto a cd.
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    ok... so if i extract the files of an iso and put the files over 2 cds and them join them, will it not corrupt some files???

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    just spend a dollar on a 80 min cdr...right?i dunno?

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    Just download WinISO, Extract the BINs or ISOs onto your harddrive and run the install file right off the harddrive. No need to burn the files onto a CD or screw with cue files....

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    First of all, most new CD-R&#39;s can hold at least 700MB of data, and even a little more if your burner supports overburn. If your&#39;s are only 650MB, it might be time to buy some new ones.

    Second, just because a BIN or ISO file is more than 700MB doesn&#39;t mean it won&#39;t fit on a standard CD-R. If you open an image file with WinISO, it tells you how much data there is to burn, and it&#39;s usually less than the actual file size.

    Very rarely will you download an image file that is too big to fit on a disc, but it does happen. For example, the Razor911 rip of Midnight Club 2 contains an image file that&#39;s over 800MB. WinISO says it&#39;s only 703MB of data, but hat&#39;s still too big to burn. So your options are a) use Nero to overburn the disc, or B) use WinISO to extract the 3MB folder called &#39;Crack&#39; (which was added by Razor911) and resave the image file. Then it will burn just fine.


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