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Thread: Is BearShare old Crippled?

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    Hi my Hd died.Didnt back it up.Ive learnedLOL!

    At any rate tried several versions downloaded from Bt.Shareaza,Emule,Ares etc.Only one that worked was 4.6 version.I download am connected to Hosts but no one can download from me it seems.Have 30g to share and would like to help keep it alive.Well going to try to reinstall my original version.Anybody with suggestions? Behind a router firewall with ports forwarded and use Kerio 2.15.Almost forgot the Bsh I used last week routinely downloaded/uploaded t0 limeFrost etc besides Bs clients.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hm perhaps you should try LimeWire Pro which is actively developed and a pretty good client. If you however want to continue using BearShare, I recommend you to pick a newer one but still under 5.2.x as those began having backdoors to control the transfers.

    But well if i think over it again, your configuration seems to be fine, anyway. My suggestion is to keep it just like it is first. BearShare declined dramatically in userbase, because the official site offers a BS masked 'legal p2p' application, and older users got pressured to update to the new version, as normal user you usually don't get the real Bs nowadays. While this is happening, LimeWire gets more popular with also being actively developing and they also actively research Gnutella, so that's why very most of other users have xWire instead of BearShare. At all, I think everything is fine on your system, as it effectively uploads. Maybe it's just the decline of BearShare users that causes this effect, although I don't know for sure.


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