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Thread: Have pisexy

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    Please pm offers. Can throw in a few other high end goodies for something special, like FTN invite.. Will trade hand to hand for ScT.

    Closed to avoid spam. please pm..
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    broken dreams
    pisexy will open signup this month
    I`m against piracy... so please don`t attack ships !

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    ^^Fuck!! I was trying to close the thread.. So what! It isn't open now and most likely, you won't be able to sign up, it's extremely limited and inconspicuous sign up. I know because I have no idea when or if it will even happen, they don't tell us anything. Anyways, banking on that is stupid, you don't even have an account there most likely and won't after the supposed open sign up which for all you know will only be open for a half an hour and let in 100 people.

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    nuff said.. No more spam, pm if interested..
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