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Thread: Grabit / Newsleecher speed differences and issues

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    I use newsgroups with newshosting the last days and i am definitely satisfied. However something has cought my attention and people who use newsleecher could help me: firstly i was using grabit which could download up to 1.1mb/s which is my internet's max speed. Then i moved to newsleecher v8 final which was downloading the same fast. Now newsleecher goes hardly up to 850kb/s (while grabit hasnt any problem), it crashes often, the bots disconnect with error 14something and i have to restart newsleecher quite often. Are all those related to the version or the app itself? I like newsleecher's interface and i was thinking of purchasing it from their site but will these problems disappear with a 100% official setup? What do you suggest?

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    I'm using an "unofficial" version of newsleecher, and I've not had any of the problems you've described. My theoretical max speed is 6Mb/s, and I almost continuously get 6.5Mb/s.

    If you weren't having these problems before and haven't changed or upgraded newsleecher, then I'd look at problems with windows first.

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    If you are having problems with the demo copy (BTW - which is not crippled). You will still have problems with the licensed copy, there is no difference in functionality between the two during the evaluational period.

    There's a lot of good clients out there. Though I don't have the technical problems with newsleecher, I still really dislike it - it's just not for me. I personally like the simplicity of GrabIt. I rarely seach Usenet by hand, and use NZB files heavily. It does the job I need it to do wonderfully.

    I would recommend staying with GrabIt if possible; progress for the sake of progress is not progress. If not, try another client. I didn't think Newsbin Pro was half bad.

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    i see,for now i m staying with grabit which is fine but i dont like it. It is as you say broken because i browse newsgroups manually and newsleecher was awesome for that. Anyway i cant understand really what the heck happened to it and downloads slower. Weird...


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