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Thread: Looking for bitmetv

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    Im looking for a bitmetv invite, I have none to offer sorry, if i did i would, my upload speed is 45 kb/s and I can up about 2 gigs a day, i have an account on cinemageddon the only private tracker I currently have downloaded anything from and I have an up of 46 gigs and down 6 gigs.

    Would really appreciate the invite.

    Pm me for email and ill send it to you.

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    bitmetv is one of the strictest trackers around. they dont even allow giveaways. so the best way to get an invite is by knowing someone who has an invite. so your best chance would be to be more active here and hopefully an invite will come your way. right now your chances of an invite are zero since this is only your 4th post

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    I understand that


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