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Thread: Calling All 56kers.....your In Demand

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    Hi guy's,

    56kers If your downloads are quick post here what port you are using for kazaa.

    by quick i mean 5k and above

    Hopefully with this we all might improve our speeds

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    cool 5 posts do some more

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    lol..i thought it wasn't

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    do 56kers exist??????????????????????????????????? cause i ain't getting any answers..

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    WannaPlay I didn't want to say this but you really are a twat.

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    Port This...

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    come on guyz! i dont know what port i am on, but i just connect and jump supernodes every once in a while!


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    I don't know why i bother posting anything...when i know people are not ganna say anything constructive.....It's the same as usual, god talk about fraustration.

    What's the point of posting when were ganna get stupid comments like that...whats the point...ego?????????

    Do not post anything unless you got something constructive to say and is RELEVENT to the first post.


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    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    Well don't get bto offended, truth is it dosen't really matter what port your using.
    Just Disable Port 1214 in options and choose a different port, actually just keep the one generated by the installer. Changing ports alot makes it harder for people to dl from you. It truth I see no reason at all why port and speed would be related in most normal situations.


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