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Thread: Album Downlaoding

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    Hi guys!
    I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand! I have tried so many ways to try and download albums in full, but I never seem to get anywhere! Could someone please tell me how to actually do it! Am I just being completely stupid? Sorry if I am

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    you're not being stupid. you can only get a full album if a user has it. it takes a while to find someone with a full album on kazaa. go to and get soulseek. far more users with full alums are on there.

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    Fantastic! Thankyou Muchly Matey

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    Just type in "albumwrap" to kazaa.Thats the way to do it

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    Another stupid question.....
    Is there a way I can just search for albums rather than the songs individually?
    Apologies for the foolishness

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    what as in albumwrap then the artist?

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    to find an album on kazaa i would always put in lets say "janes addiction - strays" and that would net a slew of search results that would be a user with the full album or a bunch of people with songs off it. As for the albumwrap question someone else will have to answer that, i get my new albums fresh off irc and my old stuff off soulseek.

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    While I haven't tried it, I would imagine if you search for the artist, then sort the results so the largest files are on top, that should speed things up slightly.

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    I wouldn't even bother to download a album in kazaa their all f*cked up these days use soulseek


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