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Thread: an idea

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    Just an idea here. With all the legal issues surrounding this file sharing and the RIAA etc sueing people by finding their ip's, couldn't people just set up a sort of swap meet/club? Has this arleady been done? If it has where do I look to find this. This way the powers would not be able to find your IP, I would not use up huge amount of bandwidth etc. It would be sorta like a LAN party bring your hdd and share away. just a thought.

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    HAHA lol, I guess that would work.

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    The thing is, people could do this - but it would be time consuming and risky as well. How would you find people to share with, and how do you know that they aren't working for the RIAA, despite the minuscule chance?

    In a sense, torrents are what you describe. People gather round on a tracker and share the files. Just like in real life, there's really know way to know if you're inviting a rat in, but you take the risk. Strength in numbers, right? It's all about convenience.

    Also, how do you expect to get those screener DVD's? They usually come from only one or two sources in the world. How would I pick those up?

    I see what you're saying, but it's kind of a ridiculous idea.

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    First off I only have a total of 10 gigs of bandwidth/month were i live in the country -its high speed but with limitations. I've gone over a few times when i first discovered p2p and it costs too much for the over's. Secondly, I know of a few friends that have tons of files on their hdd and have told me to come on over and they would copy to my hdd. I have done this with my brother a few times to share movies but I got to thinking that this could be a way to do it without the risk of the copyright nazi's. Just a thought anyways.

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    It would be just like in the old Amiga 500 days!
    What's next? Play By Mail?

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    What do nazi's have to do with anything?

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    yea but someone always has to gtet the new 0day content from somewhere...

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    You and someone across the world are going to somehow meet and have a cup of coffee?

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    These things do occur at large LAN parties, especially at Quakecon where there is an official direct connect server is hosted for the people there to use. This way they do not run into problems because it isn't as if it is just a warez party, the main part are the gaming tournaments and the gaming in the BYOC, not the warez.


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