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Thread: Need Help With Login On Seedbox??

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    IM sharing a seedbox with someone they set it up. it has windows 2003 on it and filezilla and golden ftp pro and windows remote desktop and utorrent. So heres my problem, i can log in just fine but the perosn who set the whole thing up for me is having trouble logging in?? he deleted filezilla and golden ftp and reinstalled and he still having probs logging in?? would this be a remote desktop problem or server prob??? He just called saying hes having trouble, if itwas the remote how would u fix that prob?? and if it was filezilla how would u fix that prob?? he was a little too agitated and upset to explain the whole story to me but it was one of those probs. Plus Is UTORRENT the best client to use with a seedbox?? if there is somethign better plz telll!! ty so much for all ur help, much appreciated!!!

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    What is he having problems logging in to? Remote Desktop?

    Also, utorrent is great for a windows 2003 seedbox because it's so low on resource usage and it's updated often. I hope that answers your 2nd question.

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    He needed to have set you up 100% correctly, and not just give you an IP with admin & login password.

    He should have:

    Added you as a user to the Windows OS
    Created a new user & password just for you
    Modified the users permissions to allow you RDC and whaever other permsissions you need
    Installed firefox & utorrent & webui just for you in your user directory
    Added you as a user to the FTP server
    Then using the second (or 3rd or 4th) IP of the server, sent you them details, he as the admin can then continue as normal, and you using your user IP & l/p will go straight to your own little space.

    There might be other tweaks, (like dividing the torrents hard drive equally etc) but I can't think of them right now, above is the basics to get you going.
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    ty!! that helped alot, my friend is able to log in now!
    very much appreciated..


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