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Thread: Cannot Play

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    I recently downloaded "Final destination 2" (it's not a fake) and when i tried to lay it, the only thing I see is this, with sound:

    And if I open it on radlight, i get to see nothin, and with quicktime, I get no sound.

    I have nimo installed, and K-lite codec pack, any idea?

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    try using a different player

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    Read the last line.

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    Originally posted by Dalegas@31 July 2003 - 22:42
    I have nimo installed, and K-lite codec pack, any idea?
    Maybe the two of them are conflicting? Try uninstalling one...

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    Try using the BS player that comes with the K-Lite codec pack...

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    I'll try that.. but I played firstly with only one pack... and nothing.. then installed nimo... and nothing....

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    Problem solved!
    Reinstalled k-lite codec pack, and deleted nimo.
    Thx to all!


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