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Thread: LCD Problem with Laptop (Toshiba Satellite M50)

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    Hey guys, I would appreciate if anyone could help me on this matter.

    Apparently one of my close friend came from Hong Kong for 6 weeks of exchange study, though something really unlucky happen. When she settled down today and turned on her laptop, for some reason the LCD display changed to a ultra dim setting.

    You can still see window and everything running smoothly at the background but yet it is as if there is no light. My friend claimed that she plug in a network cable into the laptop and as she unplug it, something just happened and it just went dim. But I thought it is just a network cable and not power cable - therefore there shouldn't be any harm to it.

    I took it to local computer store with her and they said either

    a) voltage charge problem that makes the LCD output disable (the guy did object the idea on the spot because he said you are still using it so that shouldn't be the problem

    b) The LCD lightbulb / tube just burn out

    c) Jetlag (LOL silly joke)

    Anyhow, they said they can't fix it because they didn't have any of the parts for her.

    I am not sure what we can do because her computer is not from a local store, I look it up in the Toshiba website and found something similar, but not exactly hers in terms of parts

    In this case, should I bring it to:
    a) Futureshop / Bestbuy
    b) A computer store subjected by the clerk today and get it them to get it fix ?

    The thing I am not so sure about is
    1) The time it takes to fix this unknown problem such that will she be able to get the laptop back in time before she leaves?
    2) The cost to fix this laptop?

    Thanks for the patient to read this and appreciate all your help on this matter.
    Life could be cruel; but guess what, you have to face it no matter what happens.

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    could also be the inverter or inverter cable, if its still under waranty toshiba may be albe to fix. in the mean time you can also hook it up to an external monitor

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    Sounds like the backlight went out.
    Sadly, the backlight is sold as a part of the screen assembly and unless you've found a truly wizbang repair shop, that means the entire display must be replaced.

    It could be the inverter board, which is a much cheaper/simpler repair, but I'd bet not.
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    I don't think she will be delighted to hear the about the part where she will have to repair the entire display.

    Her warranty has voided and therefore even if she manage to not use it and brings it back to HK, the end result is she will have to shell out money and get it fix.

    I guess it is just better of for me to bring it to bestbuy and the subjected computer shop for inspection?
    Life could be cruel; but guess what, you have to face it no matter what happens.


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