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Thread: Xp Safe Mode With Sound?

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    SniperInTheShadows's Avatar Poster
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    See below ;)
    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to boot into Safe Mode !with! sound enabled please?

    I've tried but with no success, but am sure that there must be a way to do it as it.

    If it help's any, my soundcard is a SoundBlaster PCI128

    Thank's anyone that can possibly help :-)


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    harrycary's Avatar Poster
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    I don't believe so since "Safe Mode" is the O/S loaded with a minimal of drivers,
    and audio isn't necessary for Windows to run.

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    why do you need to boot to safe mode

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    Yeah, if i remember correctly, in XP atleast, the sound is tied in with windows itself, Im pretty sure its the svchost prog, the one with the most memory running.

    I suppose that if you really wanted sound you could manually start it? But not sure on that, seems logical though.

    Atleast you can get networking though.


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