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Thread: Backup Personal Data

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    How do you back up everything onto an external that isn't windows install? I am trying to fix someones computer and don't want to erase anything thats personal to them but I don't know where everything might be.

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    You just have to copy folders by folder where you know these personal data are onto the external HDD. (Ask this person you are helping where these folders are)

    If the external HDD is for backup only, it shouldn't have any OS/program install onto it in the first place.
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    Go into the hd, ctrl+a, then ctrl+click the windows directory, ctrl+c, browse to the external ctrl+v, and voila.

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    Good option (if there's enought space) is to make new partition for the data. I.e. i have C:\ for Win and appz (10GB), and D:\ for all my personal and not only stuff (rest of hdd). It's really easy with Partition Magic.


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