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Thread: If your interesting in bulletin board systems and download....

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    This something I have been posting where ever it seems appropriate. Clearly this website is into file downloading. But possibly not the kind of files that are commonly on a bbs. However, I can't tell so I will offer this information....
    I found you on the internet as being interested in bbs's and file downloads. I am an old-time bbs sysop who still has an interest in bbs's. Here are some websites that might be useful. This is apparently the only bbs listing still being maintained and updated. It includes a dialup listing for North American bbs's as well as the telnet listing. Earlier today it had 400 bbs's listed. If you were ever on a bbs you might find it, its sysop and former users here. This site lists telnetable bbs's and if they were online as of 5 minutes ago.

    And you can check the newsgroup: for additional advertising.

    Hopefully this was helpful.

    Tom Miller
    ComputerPhile and Owner, ChatNFiles bbs, 1,000 node telnet Chatting and 800,000+ files for download from the website.

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    ahhh the good old bad old days

    thanks for this post though, brings back memories.



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