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Thread: Sound Not Working On Computer

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    Ok my computer doesnt have sound
    I know ive deleted something from my computer by accident.

    So i went looking for a software that can make the sound go again.
    Urgh i found nothing that works.

    I'm using Windows Xp

    So is there anything that i can download to make it work again?
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    How about sound drivers? Try to update them and see if it works.
    If you have it already then uninstall the old driver and install the new one.

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    Soudn drivers would be a good idea, yeah.
    Try a system restore too for good measure.

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    Get Driver XP Pro. It checks your computer for missing drivers then automatically downloads them so you can install it.
    o hai

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    I'm sure there is something wrong with the file that ive deleted ^^

    Eh thanks i will give it a try

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    Try the system restore idea first.

    If that doesn't work, resort to the driver method.

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    try installing the sound drivers of ur motherboard man ..u ll get ya sound back ..!!

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    Right click "My Computer" then click properties. A window will pop up titled "System Properties". Next, click the tab that says "Hardware". Click the button that says "Device Manager". Another window (coincidentally) titled "Device Manager" will open. Expand where it says "Sound, video and game controllers". If there are any yellow or red exclamation points, that means there is a problem with your sound driver. But let's see if there are even any problems in here before any more advice is given.


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