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Thread: Static Playback

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    everytime i download a new file. and i go to play it, at some random point, it will go static, NOTHING BUT STATIC..highly annoying. some songs it does it for, some it dosent. yet why would 100 people share a messed up file? for example, try and download "50 cent- PIMP" i can not find a version that does not have static, is this a messed up file? or kazaa's problem. i cant think of anything but going back to the old K.L. it never did it with my older version.

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    :sigh: ill tell myself. search button newb.

    atleast i know how to use a message RIAA

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    [QUOTE]Some companies have begun to put thousands of files in kazaa lite that are scratchy, blank, fakes, or other stuff. They dont want us to download anymore so we just need to f*** them up...i think a nice hacking off would be nice. Im hoping it happens....someone should hack it and change all there passwords and everything and put porn on there and bad stuff about the riaa thsts true.

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    ive found the same thing with myas - you love is like woah and lumidees - uh ooh and it is very annoying. one file even said it was exellent but it was full of static loops. how can we find one that works without dl every single song?

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    i hpe this is the last time anyone will have to say this... USE VERIFIEDS!



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