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Thread: n00b question: hope i didnt sign up for 4 hosting services

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    I've been looking into getting a seedbox and I've filled out several forms with some of the bigger hosting companies (signing up or applying for an account etc.) but then second-guessed that host, so I never signed the contract nor sent a payment. I didn't provide any financial information either.

    My question is, and from what I understand about contracts (I'm a law student), I'm not obligated to any of these hosting companies. Of course, I get automated emails asking me to pay or sign/return the contract, so I want to confirm with anyone who has more experience with server hosts that I'm not signed up for 4 or 5 hosting companies.

    I'm having second thoughts for a couple of reasons: the cost; spending more time torrenting; and the speed and service not only using the box, but also transferring files via FTP to my computer. I just haven't been convinced that its worth it and I have not dealt with a company that seems helpful for a n00b like myself.

    For what its worth, the companies I remember were hosting-ie, leaseweb & geekrack.
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    why did you sign up/place order if you're not going to rent their server ?

    from the 3 your mentioned, I'd suggest you choose Leaseweb


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