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Thread: Marine Mania

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    I downloaded marine mania and it's a exe. file. When i click it it has a blank screen like a dos thing screen.I can't play how do i install it?Thanks.

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    This is gettin a little carzy, if you file that you do not know what do with it, post the complete filename. How big it is. If it was a verified, some details.

    As you form your case I can only assume that you need to rename it to .bin, or .zip. But i can only assume since you gave NO details at all.

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    it's call,file name,Marine Mania.exe. Exactly 416.mb and not verified.And zoo tycoon 137 mb.,thought 140. I think both are missing some files?Maybe thanks.

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    the 140 one pretty much has to be a zip file. try renaming to that, or .rar.

    the 440 is kinda in the middle, ic could be an image or zip. Try renaming to all of the following .zip, .rar, .bin. And see if you can open it with winrar, or demon tools. (see guide in sig)

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    I'll try that .I deleted it and so im dl it again.Hey the sims and sims vacation and other expansion aren't working i dl then and said this_____ needs to be that and stuff help?Thanks.


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