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Thread: Usenet And Mirc

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    has anyone mastered either one of these resources
    if so, please describe (in lamens terms) the simplest way to start using them to get files. I cant understand the crap.

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    For the record it is IRC(internet relay chat) not "Mirc".

    "Mirc" is but one client(tool) used to chat and trade files with.

    IRC is the precursor to AOL chat, Yahoo chat, and all of the others commonly used today. IRC is more "geeky" in that it isn't as user-friendly as the newer forms of chat are. It's been around since 1990-91.

    Typically you use an IRC client(like Mirc or Xircon) to log onto network(e.g., enter a room/channel(e.g. #All-Movies), request a file from a "bot"(a PC serving files), wait in line, and than download files. File transfers can be very fast too.

    I taught myself just by reading this info and figuring the rest out.

    This may help also.

    You can search for files at sites such as, or

    I've never tried Usenet.

    Good luck with it.

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    IRC is better than Kazaa in that speeds are better, and it's easier to find some things you want. It's worse in that first you have to find the right server and channel for what you're looking for, you have to wait in what can be very long queues to start your download, and it's not like Kazaa where you can just shut the download on and off whenever you feel like it - even if you can get a download to resume you'll still have to wait in the queue again.
    Also I find downloading through IRC can be pretty inconsistant as to whether or not the DCC connection will actually connect.

    Usenet I've only taken a glance at, if what I saw is representative, selection is small and hard to find, and most files (sometimes even when the originals aren't even big) seem to be split into like 15-30+ smaller ones.

    I use IRC for downloading comic scans, because Kazaa only really has Ultimate X-Men and AoA, I don't use Usenet for anything.

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    i disagree dascoot about finding things you want easier. but i agree with everything else. irc has just about anything you want and is famous for getting movies and software. plus it's a helluva lot safer than KaZaA is right now. i recommend using the Excursion script if you want to indulge in irc. it seems hard at first but it is not a hard thing to manage.

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    Mirc are basically the private servers people have been talking about. Things like direct conncet and Mirc are much safer than kazaa.
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    Usenet requires a newsgroup acct which you have to pay for (some isps include it).

    1. Fast downloads (Average 700 Kbps w/ DSL)
    2. Up to date stuff (I.E. DVD movies that are still playing in the movies)

    1. Files get purged weekly
    2. Not a great source to find needed material

    Other than those...its a great resource for getting what you need.



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