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Thread: Downloading a video from the net..

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    i wanna download an online streaming video from a hebrew website and i was wondering which program should i use to dl the video.

    the problem is that i can't play the video in firefox because almost all the hebrew sites have problem with firefox (i have no idea why! ) and i can play it only through IE.

    so i guess i have to use an external program not a firefox extension..

    link of the video:
    HTML Code:
    waiting for help

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    What format is the video in?

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    after watching it with IE you should check IE temp internet folder & see if the vid is should clear this folder before watching the vid

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    Try searching for some sort of Hebrew language pack for Firefox. That way you could view the page information, and download said media, or even more get an add-on that downloads streaming video. I just did a quick Google search and read that the latest release of Firefox does support Hebrew. There was a recent update, have you received it yet? I also found this... Mozilla and Firefox in Hebrew!


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