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Thread: KG invite for free

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    1)why you want it?? What kind of movies do you like/looking for...

    No PM

    Good luck


    Please do not post: 'plz give it to me because I really need it' or 'I like classic movies' etc.This won't be enough.Please be more specific

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    Oh ,great giveaway
    I wanna it because KG has a good content of old movies espacially classics
    I like romance classic movies.
    Also I like James Bond movies and alot like Eastwood,Lee Van Cleef ,Wallach and lots
    And I like the movies about world war 2 that was made in 50s and 60s ........
    Really Ill appreciate if you give me this chance.
    thanks in advance
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    May I have it?

    1) Like some KG members, I don't want it for me, but for someone else who I'll download movies for.
    In this case my dad, who is always asking me for cassic and old films that I can't find anywhere, and if I do find them, they are in public insecure trackers with 2 seeds, and an exiting speed of 2 kb/s.

    2) Here

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    1 - I am interesting in classic movies bc I would like to download a few movies for my mom and my grandma, which often ask me whether I could find them the same way I find the new ones
    I heard KG and CO are the best sources for that materials, and I have been looking forward to get KG for a while.

    2 - Here is my speed test.
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    I would like to be a member of this community because once a week me and my family get together for a dedicated movie night, it would be great to watch and show some of the great films from the past. Our movie night will definetly be more exciting than watching the same genre of movies over and over... Thanks!

    Here is my speedtest,

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    first,I'm old and classic movie collector and love them
    Because It is almost like realistic and documentary
    I'm not sadistic but I'm feel interesting like The Hurricane film
    You know,Jon Hall in the film's actor do everything in the the script for REAL
    For example Fighting a shark(real one) and evading Real bullets real whipped
    These a realistic descriptions make me concentrate the movie
    I see all classic movie to The Bird,La Guerre Du Feu(Quest For Fire)
    Scarface,Gone With The Wind,Psycho,Planet Of The Apes,oh~ Superman

    Don't make no difference to me
    but I'm not examiner,I'm only looking for such as above movie

    speed test

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    I want it because of good content and all know it soooo good tracker.

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