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Thread: Getting Name Of List

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    The news advised that any one that has down load music will be fined. How can I get my name of the list. should I cancell. They said they are cracking down and will start having fines. What type of protection do we have.

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    If you share files on kazaa. You MIGHT get fined. Its not for downloading, yet.

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    You've got no choice but to scrap your computer and turn off your internet connection. And make sure you destroy your hard drives and burned CDs, they're the most damning evidence they can use against you.

    I recommend using a vat of corrosive acid.

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    I recommed teaming up with 12 k-lite users and running into the RIAA HQ qith machine guns and grenades

    They will never sue us all....they will never end kazaa....they will only make p2p programs more popular and harder to shutdown


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