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Thread: Rare

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    Whats the rarest file you've ever found on kazaa or bittorent?

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    hmm this one is tricky, has to bemy best friends wedding, but that was emule, arent botorrent and emule the same?


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    a copy of "I Spy" with eddie murphy and owen wilson like 3 weeks before the movie was out and it wasnt on

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    Dec 2002
    no offense but what the hell is up with these what is the most blankiest blank u ever downloaded

    oh yeah 8 mile took a long time

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    jeez I don't think ive ever found a rare file

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    this japanese show where all they say is niggaaaaaa , nigga this , nigga that , hehehe tokyo breakfast , i think its called. Hehe so damn funny

    hey are they're any episodes of Zelda here on kazaa? i had some recorded but i didnt know there were things called video cards and that i could transfer the movies to my puter now i regret erasing them


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