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Thread: "the Sims 7 In 1" Legit?

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    I hope this is the right forum to ask in. Does anyone here know if the bittorrent file on "sims 7 in 1 with eng reg fix" works? I am downloading it right now and it would be great to know because god knows i have downloaded far too many non-working sims in the past. Thanks.

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    Yes it is.
    Be sure to follow the readme though, cause the installer is in Japanese or something.
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    where do i find this readme? bittorrent allocated the application and the eng registry fix, but no readme. Is it on a website?

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    Just follow the installer from memory (shouldn't be too hard)
    Then apply reg-fix
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    It should work most file on BT work never got a fake file and the reason I think for that is why would anyone want to seed a file they know is a fake thats just wasting their time thats why noone really does it.

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    to apply the reg fix do i just double click on the "eng" registration entries file? or should i put it somewhere instead. Sorry for my complete ignorance .

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    Just double click on the fix, after you install the program.

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    ok, thanks for all the help! Unfortunatly I have ANOTHER question (I know you must be getting sick of them by now, sorry&#33. For those who actually have this 7in1 file, how did you change the graphics preferences. For example, how do i start it in 1024x768 mode? The start menu link for it doesnt seem to work.


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