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Thread: Hackers Fraud Online Scammers

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    Their motto must be "steal from the bad and keep to yourself"

    "Usually, the man who gets others to do his job for him is either called ‘boss’ or just ‘smart’. Wait till you see the latest sample of hacking ingenuity: Mr. Brain, a Moroccan group was just found to be offering free phishing kits for scammer wannabes for free. The catch is that they have some code included somewhere that will actually send back to the ‘mother ship’ all the really valuable information.

    In other words, they have the new soon-to-be perpetrators go through all the trouble of finding an ISP to host their website, support the maintenance cost and risk of being found, while they just kick back and check their email for updates." - Vlad Constandes, SEO News Editor

    Source: Full Article @ Softpedia
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    ingenious. lol


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