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Thread: Dvl?

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    Hey i find alot of "DVL" files , BUT , i just found a T3 DVL file. Its a DVD Screener, Could it be real? Im on 56k connection so its gonna take an eternity to see the begining , but im more than willing to see for myself. I just wanted to know if anyone out there already downloaded this , if you did , was it real or fake? there alot of people sharing it

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Its not real sorry

    plus too early for a T3 DVD yet

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    If it's in the theater, it's not a DVD screener.

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    Ok thanks guys , (guys right?) mmm i wont risk it then , might have a virus , like many files out there

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    hey meso, the filesharing community is a complex and very INFORMED network.
    no1 is just going to discover a dvd screener of T3. vcdquality and countless others
    are right on top of everything that hits the net. there may be some exceptions but
    i see ppl on here get excited all the time over files they think they found.
    you're combing the beach with a metal detector, good luck.

    and im not trying to pick on you. i see threads just like this all the time.
    and im a bastard.

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    i didnt see it as being picked on . And i didnt say i discover anything . I just wondered why so many people are sharing it . And i am on 56k connection , takes a while to do all the websurfing you know. Or downloading. mmm the net was meant for broadband , im 100% sure about that.

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    oh , hybrid , I already posted a simliar topic , but like a week ago , and i think no one answered , i just checked to see how many people are sharing the file , and its 61 people. to any person that would be a big curiousity

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    not if they have been using kazaa-lite for a while.


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