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Thread: Backup

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    I tried a backup with Vista 32 Ultimate the other night. I tried to back it up to my external hdd (k. I ran out of space. Now, my external hard disk is full and i can't find the incomplete file that is wasting space. I have tired a dir list command in console for that drive. i have looked at every folder in every tree. There are no hidden files. I have tried showing "protected operating system files". I have tried disabling auto backup. I have tried disk cleanup choosing "all users" then "more options" and "Clean up" for system restore points and shadow copies.

    Still missing a big chunk of my drive

    Any ideas
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    Use acronis or ghost to backup your system.

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    I realize there is better software that can be used to back up a system. However that wasn't my question. My question is how to remove the incomplete files from my failed backup.

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    I thought it was given that you should format the external drive if you cant find the files even after turning on show hidden and system files. Clearly that backup program does something wrong so use a better one. Sounds a bit fishy if they are not hidden.

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    i had thought about a backup and a format but this is the problem: the hard drive (K(external) is full (because its storing the hidden backup files). I was trying to back up my C: drive (internal) which was also full to the max. so i don't have anywhere to store my backup during the format (except on another computer on my network however i don't want to transfer 200ish GB over the network.

    any ideas?

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    Transfer a bunch of movies or game downloads that take a lot of space over the network in one big transfer and let it overnight since it will likely take a very long time, then you have enough free space to do your backup the next day. Transfer back.
    Or buy a bigger HD

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    True, but the other systems don't have enough free space to take my backup unless i add another IDE drive. and that solution is more of a bandage over the problem, its not an actual solution. i am looking to find out what went wrong and looking to find a less drastic solution.

    Take a look at the pic and do the math.
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    try going to the hard drive and choose Organize -> Folder and Search Options -> View ->

    and select Show hidden files and folders; deselect Hide protected operating system files, and have a look for the big ass file

    if you find it, delete it (and from the recycle bin too)

    remember to turn back show hidden files/hide protected operating system files

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    You might try installing SequoiaView .
    It's a free program which gives you a graphical view of your HDD and should make the large folders/directories immediately obvious.
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    SequoiaView worked! thanks a lot... i knew there was a simple solution to this problem.

    thanks clocker


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