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Thread: Hoi, Snee <Animal Shagging>.

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    That animal secks thread you linked to in the $20 thread was pretty good, I read all of it when the bored went quiet this afternoon. By the end, I was wanting to watch a bit of zoophile (not beastiality, 'cos I've learned that's bad) pr0n involving a human female and ... I duno. A cat.

    Probably because of this one woman who said that she sometimes puts butter on her lady-garden and gets her cat to lick it off. Her point, that I agreed with, was that she wasn't mistreating the cat.

    So, anyway. Just wanted to say I agree with you. It's not all bad.
    Of course, some of it is really bad. Those freaks and the dolphins, for example.
    I plan on beating him to death with his kids. I'll use them as a bludgeon on his face. -

    --Good for them if they survive.

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    on something.

    It's an orsum thread, and I lolled.

    I was beginning to feel underappreciated, I was

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