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Thread: Pirates Burning Sea

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    i was wondering if anyone knew if this game was released by any of the release groups.

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    mmm... i dont think there is any point in making a crack for online MMO's since eventually you need some online verification to actually be able to play.

    but the crack for this game is actually able though- i dont recommended it at all-

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    The crack issue aside, I don't see how it would be possible to play an illegally downloaded MMORPG game without some potentially very serious repercussions.

    To play these games you are going to have to set-up some sort of payment scheme which unless you go down the route of using game cards (and I have no idea if Pirates even has these) is going to involve you giving some sort of personal information out. I am of course assuming this game is a pay per month game in this case.

    These games totally rely on a connection to the servers they run on, and to think they are not going to spot an illegal version of the game seems a tad unlikely to say the very least.

    More importantly I just seriously doubt that a cracked version of a game like this would even allow you to access the servers in the first place.

    All this aside, these games are typically designed to have a lot of personal investment in them. The creating and advancement of your avatars takes a lot of time. Imagine in 6 months time they suddenly cop you EVEN IF you had managed to get that far. Thats 6 months of "investment" straight out of the window and probably some rather nasty letters in the mail to boot.

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    I should've read more about this game. At the time i posted this i wasnt aware that it was mmo. That would clearly explain why it wasnt released. Thanks for your time though


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