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Thread: need help with downloading please!!!

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    i recently got a 2mbps unlimited connection and with in 1 month i got all the movies/games/documentaries/application i i dont know what else to download.....i know a lot of people here have a lot faster connection i just want to know what do u download and how much EVERYDAY....previously i had 256kbps connection,it would take me a lot of time(some times 3-4 weeks) to download a 4-5 gb file.... now i just keep the comp switched on for uploading,i feel i am wasting my download speed...should i switch back to 256kbps connection.....i have soo many movies i have downloaded and havent even watched,same can can be said about the ebooks and music,i download and havent been able to use it,i think i have downloaded enough for an other 6-7 months....i think 2mbps connection is a lot to handle for do you guys manage faster connection?
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